Our model for all of our services is simple.  We price all of our projects on a fixed project fee and clear deliverables that are guaranteed. When you are happy with the results, our work is done. 




We specialize in working with small to mid sized companies who are growing quickly and need help to be prepared with the right human capital strategy to support next-phase growth. Recent projects include:  


  • Develop Next-Stage Human Capital Strategy

  • Company Culture and Turnover Assessments

  • Human Capital Cost Review

  • Inclusion and Diversity Programs

  • Design Employee Value Propositions

  • Compliance Review

  • Talent Placement

  • Compensation or Equity Design



Contact SHE Team: Email or text


Phone: 801-319-1186








Our content primarily revolves around helping people succeed in the workforce, based on Tessa’s book, “Rise Up. Claiming Your Place in the Workforce” (will be published early 2020).  Our group presentations and training are interactive and intended to test the concepts and principles and teach through role-playing, observation and candid discussion.


Participants can expect to be uncomfortable, but walk away with skills that can change career outcomes immediately.


We speak and coach all types of audiences from corporations, college and high school campuses,  graduate school programs, women’s’ organizations, corporate conferences, corporate sponsored training and retreats.  


Topics include:


  • Interviewing Techniques That Will Land the Job Offer

  • Conflict Resolution: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

  • Stop Saying I’m Sorry: How Language Can Change the Outcome

  • Money, Mentors and Men: Why You Need a Good Relationship with All Three

  • Rise Up: Claiming Your Place in the Workforce

  • Career Choices: Leaning Your Ladder Against the Right Wall

  • Balancing Courage and Consideration:  Decision Making and Leadership

  • From Where I Sit: What I Want You to Know About How People Move Up in the Workforce

Kevin Cottle,

CEO at B2 Strategies

“Tessa listens carefully, can quickly understand a situation, and guides the discussion to the important facts and then helps create a solution that is good for the business while respecting people involved. When she wasn't there, we would often look at each other and ask "what would Tessa tell us to do?"

Bill Bennett,

CEO at Inside-Out Development

"Tessa is remarkable. She learned the business we were in so that all her HR programs were consistent not only without values and goals, but our business objectives. She developed programs designed to help people succeed and reward them as they did, rather than catch them failing. I have carried ideas and programs she created into other organizations. She is intelligent, intuitive, enthusiastic and committed”

Greg Addison

Sr VP, Lewer Financial Advisors

"Tessa brings a rare combination of attributes to any project. She is extremely creative and not one to be constrained by conventional thinking. She views challenges three dimensionally, anticipates 2nd and 3rd order consequences and is not afraid to take a contrarian view when it is warranted. I would willingly engage her on a wide array of business opportunities as a consultant with full confidence that her contribution will more than pay for itself."




Finding talent, and especially women in the workforce, is not a difficult task if you are well connected in the business industry. Collectively, SHE Team partners have decades of experience in Utah businesses, and we are connected in a very direct way to an enormous network of talent. In addition, our model cost a fraction of the cost of any traditional recruiter.  


Fee Structure:   


$20,000 for Executive placements

$10K for Director placements and Sr. Developers

5K for all other roles



We either know someone who can fill the role, or we don’t. If we do know someone, it’s because we know them and can speak to their experience and fit with your company.  Because we place by using our vast network within the corporate world, we are different than traditional recruiters who typically don’t have experience working with the candidates they have placed. 


Benefits to using SHE Team for talent placement:


  • Connected to top students and graduating MBA talent

  • Vast network because we have been senior leaders in companies across the state

  • Affordable pricing model less than ½ the cost of traditional recruiters

  • Fast placements from sourcing professionals we already know

  • Flexible in that you can continue to use other recruiters and methods to fill your roles

  • Paid only when we succeed and fill the role

“I found a job that perfectly aligned with my skillsets in both construction management and human capital, a perfect fit for me”. –Dee Henderson

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