SHE Team is collective community of capable women—professionals and experts from all areas of the workforce, all dedicated to the mission of creating a smart, capable and ready workforce rich in diversity and inclusion. 


Tessa White


Tessa is an HR professional with 20+ years of experience in the field. I have led Human Capital in Fortune 50 companies as well as small start-ups to mid-sized organizations. My talents are best served in fast moving environments where I have leeway to creatively solve problems. I like to experiment but I believe that good HR always aims to balance risk and reward to get the results needed. I have the ability to take complex issues and distill them down to quick conversation bites and actionable items. The bulk of my experience is within technology, healthcare and direct sales, but I also find great enjoyment working with investors and Boards on pointing newly formed companies in the right direction for people priorities. I understand fast growth, having worked in several dynamic environments where finding key talent was a critical priority.

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SHE Team Origins: 

I was blissfully unaware when I dropped out of college at 20, that I would ever have anything less than a “white picket fence” life, as a stay at mother with my doting husband at my side. But at age 29, with three children, I found myself divorced and with little support, staring at a house payment and a pile of bills I could not pay. I was terrified. With very few skills to draw upon, I took the leap into the workforce, and started navigating my way up the career ladder. 

More than twenty years later, I never could have imagined my journey would have taken me into the C-Suite and into the boardrooms of Blackstone. I have been an executive in Human Capital from small startups to Fortune 50 companies, and almost always, the only woman in the room. 

My own journey, combined with a unique view, as a corporate insider in Human Capital, has allowed me to see how people rise or fall within the business world, and more specifically, how we as women help or hurt ourselves. After accomplishing the professional goals I only dreamt about as a young single mother, I am now compelled to reach out to lift up our next generation of female leaders.


My mission is to help accelerate our newest women in the workforce, giving them a blueprint from the many capable women I know who have gone before them . SHE Team is dedicated to that end, with 20% of all profits we earn going back into training, mentoring and scholarships for young women and seed money for business startups run by female entrepreneurs. 

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