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Given the number of displaced employees right now, SHE Team is gathering open jobs from sources across the state of Utah. If you would like to receive a current listing of these jobs, please press the "Utah Jobs" button, and the list will be immediately delivered to your email.  




What is SHE Team?

SHE Team is a company dedicated to the mission of creating a smart, capable and ready workforce rich in diversity and inclusion. 


We are hired as partners/consultants to help companies find and align diverse talent and employ human capital strategies that attract and retain an inclusive workforce. 


To that end, we also serve individuals who are seeking coaching and mentoring to level-up within their own career path, or who are just beginnig to build their careers, with an emphasis on women in the workforce..

Twenty percent of all SHE Team profits are given back to college students, through the funding of scholarships, and by offering free training, speaking and  mentoring to local universities.  


For the Individual:


We are dedicated to help women accelerate and level-up in the workforce. 


We do this by working with women through training events, mentoring and coaching . Our help is targeted to those trying to break through to the next level of their career and for those just starting to build their careers. 


For all of our SHE Team participants, we made a concerted effort to guide them towards female friendly companies and job opportunities within our sphere of influence.

We offer the following services: 


  • Career Placement

  • Mentoring

  • Webinars  

  • Personal Coaching

  • Interview Preparation 

The She Team Business consultants

"If you don’t think you are capable to becoming everything you dream of, you may want to go somewhere else a bit more dreary. We are in the business of making good things happen for talented people."


For Companies:


We also work with companies in a consulting capacity to understand better how to find and align diverse talent, employ human capital strategies to make your businesses more effective, and put in place inclusive programs that drive retention and attraction of a diverse workforce.

We offer the following services: 


  • Speaking Engagements

  • Inclusion and Diversity Program Development

  • Human Capital and Organizational Assessments

  • Talent Placement


"Businesses are always trying to fill strategic roles with talented women. Try talking to a talented woman. We know where to find more of 'us' ..."


For Students:


If there were ever a group we have a sweet spot for, it's students. We work regularly with college campuses to prepare students for post-graduation employment. We often work with Women In Business or Womens Success programs, but we also are regularly engaged to work with MBA programs and STEM students.

SHE Team teaches practical hands on business skills which students can employ immediately: 


  • Interviewing and Resume Writing Skills

  • First Impression Coaching

  • Conflict Resolution Skills Training

  • Job Placement Matchmaking

  • Lessons from the C-Suite to Accelerate Your Career


““What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” This question really impacted me and motivated me to pursue a dream of mine. I was humbled and honored to hear that I’ve been elected as the 2019-2020 Utah State University - Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Senator.

It could not have happened without the help of business mentors like Tessa White, who gave me the confidence to chase my dream.”


–Sarah Dent, USU Student

The SHE Team • 1270 Moyle Circle Alpine, UT 84004 • Phone: 801-319-1186 • Email :

Kevin Cottle,

CEO at B2 Strategies

“Tessa listens carefully, can quickly understand a situation, and guides the discussion to the important facts and then helps create a solution that is good for the business while respecting people involved. When she wasn't there, we would often look at each other and ask "what would Tessa tell us to do?"

Bill Bennett,

CEO at Inside-Out Development

"Tessa is remarkable. She learned the business we were in so that all her HR programs were consistent not only without values and goals, but our business objectives. She developed programs designed to help people succeed and reward them as they did, rather than catch them failing. I have carried ideas and programs she created into other organizations. She is intelligent, intuitive, enthusiastic and committed”

Greg Addison

Sr VP, Lewer Financial Advisors

"Tessa brings a rare combination of attributes to any project. She is extremely creative and not one to be constrained by conventional thinking. She views challenges three dimensionally, anticipates 2nd and 3rd order consequences and is not afraid to take a contrarian view when it is warranted. I would willingly engage her on a wide array of business opportunities as a consultant with full confidence that her contribution will more than pay for itself."

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